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9 Cool Summer Fundraising Ideas to Beat the Heat

Here in sunny Florida, we practically get summer all year round. But now that it's officially here, the warmer weather can lead to endless fun outdoors. It also means great fundraising opportunities. Here are our favorite summer fundraising ideas that are sure to draw a crowd: 1. Bike-A-Thon What’s better than getting outside to feel [...]

By | June 12th, 2018|Casino Floor, Fundraising, Tips & Advice|

9 Tips For a Profitable Fundraising Event

Throwing a successful fundraising event is crucial to making sure your nonprofit stays in operation. But a profitable fundraiser is about more than asking for money. Here are 9 tips for creating a profitable fundraising event from start to finish. Fundraising Event Ideas: What To Do First Decide on your target audience. Once you’ve done [...]

By | June 5th, 2018|Event Planning, Fundraising, Tips & Advice|

How to Win 3 Types of Poker Games

As Orlando's premiere casino event company, Aces Wild has a bit of a reputation as a casino expert. Well, they're right! I put my real casino experience to work in creating this company but—since we're not a "real" casino—I have no problem sharing our secrets with you. Everyone knows the saying, "the house always wins," [...]

By | May 16th, 2018|Poker, Tips & Advice|

10 Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Your Events

You want your attendees actively posting to social media and using the mobile event app. These two besties can do wonders for your event marketing efforts and your onsite attendee engagement! However, finding new and creative ways to incorporate social media into your events can be challenging. So whether your event audience is full of [...]

By | April 24th, 2018|Event Planning, Tips & Advice|

The Martingale: Your Strategy To Success

When I was 14 years old, my parents took me on a 2-day cruise. It was great; my dad spent the whole time looking a bit green whilst my mum introduced me to the wonders of onboard casinos. That was the beginning of my love affair with roulette. Ten years later, I still love the [...]

By | April 3rd, 2018|Roulette, Tips & Advice|

11 Tips on How to Hire Event Staff

Whether you run an event business or are simply planning a fundraiser, hiring the right event staff is crucial. If you hire the wrong person, you could potentially alienate customers and misrepresent your brand. And your team also needs to deliver highly visible results in a short time frame. But how do you know whether [...]

By | March 14th, 2018|Event Planning, Tips & Advice|

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