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Events That Hit The Jackpot

Your guests start to arrive, dressed in whatever theme you decided. Maybe they’re in black tie, or business casual. Maybe they’re dressed like they’re in the roaring twenties on their way to a speakeasy or perhaps they’re disguised as they enter a masquerade ball. Your imagination is the limit. These are the people who matter the most to you – they might be friends and family. They might be potential clients for a marketing event, or philanthropists who are ready to raise money for an important cause. They could be vendors for a trade conference or employees and customers for a corporate party. Whoever they are, they arrive, ready to have fun.

Drink and voucher in hand, your guests head to the table of their choice where a friendly and knowledgeable casino dealer exchanges the voucher into casino chips. If your guest has never played the game before, whether it’s blackjack, roulette, poker, or even craps, the dealer will explain the rules and the fun begins.

Over the course of the night, you launch your product line, discuss your charity, thank your friends, or talk about the level of corporate success everyone in the room has experienced. Meanwhile, fire-breathers, dancers, comedians, or magicians walk through the crowd or perform on a stage, delighting all of your guests.

The end of the night comes too quickly for your guests. They’re not ready for the fun to end, but they exchange their chips for raffle tickets, win prizes, and head home, abuzz with the thrill of the evening.

It’s affordable. It’s unique. It’s exhilarating.

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Casino nights are a fantastic way to hold fresh and exciting fundraisers that invigorate sponsors and donors alike.


If you’re going to throw a party, make it a casino night!


“We needed a unique and fun idea for a fundraiser event, and the team at Aces Wild Casino Parties did not disappoint! They worked with us and were so detailed to our needs, budget and concerns – I highly recommend them!”

Shana A, Non-Profit

“We hired Edgar Comellas to provide a service at our Employee End of Year Celebration. The comments from everyone were overwhelming on the quality of the service, experienced personnel and punctuality of the event. We will certainly keep Aces Wild Casino in mind for future engagements.”

Jessie H, Centerplate

“Edgar is a motivated & personable casino host. The parties he puts on with Aces Wild are always fun, well planned & very effective in engaging your audience. I Highly recommend Edgar & Aces Wild Casino Parties.”

Aggi K, Private Events

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