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What to Do in Vegas (Besides Gamble)

By | 2020-08-06T14:11:59+00:00 August 6th, 2020|Casino Floor, Tips & Advice|

There are plenty of things to do in a casino besides gamble! Spending a weekend in Vegas can be an incredible experience. Of course, "gambling" immediately springs to a lot of people’s minds when they think of Vegas. The two are inseparable...for good reason! You can’t make it out of McCarran International Airport without [...]

Hosting Events After Coronavirus

By | 2020-05-01T10:00:25+00:00 April 28th, 2020|Casino Floor, Event Planning|

At the time we are writing this, the country is still under a lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But if there's one thing we know for sure, it's that life will get back to normal. However, "normal" will be a relative term. The fact is, certain hygiene measures will need to remain in [...]

The Most Common Poker Tells

By | 2020-01-29T11:23:57+00:00 January 28th, 2020|Casino Floor, Poker, Tips & Advice|

Poker is a game of concentration, reactions, and critical thinking. Because the game is built around competing against other players (rather than “the house”), you can greatly enhance your odds of winning by taking the time to learn, study, and perfect your game.  While luck still plays a large factor in the distribution of [...]

How to Play Blackjack Like a Pro (10 Tips)

By | 2020-02-27T11:30:25+00:00 August 26th, 2019|Blackjack, Casino Floor, Tips & Advice|

Blackjack has a long history as one of the most popular casino games ever. The games are quick, there's almost no equipment required, and the rules are simple. Deceptively simple. In fact, there are quite a few rules when it comes to learning how to play blackjack like a pro. Here are 10 tips that'll help [...]

Why a Casino Night is the Best School Fundraiser

By | 2019-10-25T14:40:45+00:00 December 13th, 2018|Casino Floor, Event Planning, Fundraising, Tips & Advice|

Sometimes schools need a little extra in the budget to cover expenses. Maybe the kids need a new swing set or new equipment for the computer lab. Whatever your need, a school fundraiser is probably the best option. But how do you make sure your fundraiser will bring in the money you need? The answer [...]

9 Cool Summer Fundraising Ideas to Beat the Heat

By | 2019-05-17T22:34:58+00:00 June 12th, 2018|Casino Floor, Fundraising, Tips & Advice|

Here in sunny Florida, we practically get summer all year round. But now that it's officially here, the warmer weather can lead to endless fun outdoors. It also means great fundraising opportunities. Here are our favorite summer fundraising ideas that are sure to draw a crowd: 1. Bike-A-Thon What’s better than getting outside to [...]

“Spring” Into Action (4 Spring Fundraising Ideas)

By | 2019-05-17T22:03:58+00:00 February 22nd, 2018|Casino Floor, Fundraising, Tips & Advice|

Spring is just around the corner, which means many of you are looking for some fun spring fundraiser ideas to raise money for your nonprofit or just a favorite cause. There is never a shortage of worthy causes—and most people are excited to help out—but thinking outside the box is essential when encouraging lots [...]

The (Unofficial) Orlando Casino Guide

By | 2018-07-26T13:33:38+00:00 June 12th, 2017|Casino Floor, Event Planning, Gaming History|

Central Florida is well known for Disney, sunshine, amazing beaches, and fresh citrus. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people make their way to visit Tampa, Orlando, Daytona, and other Florida cities to soak up the sunshine, do some swimming in the ocean at the coastal areas, and to check out the theme parks. [...]

How To Play Craps

By | 2019-05-22T15:41:02+00:00 May 23rd, 2017|Casino Floor, Craps, Tips & Advice|

Ask most people—even those who don't gamble—to name three casino games and the answer will usually be "poker, roulette, and craps." Craps is one of the most popular casino games, both in the real and virtual gambling world, but the fast pace, constant movement, and mysterious jargon can intimidate a new player.But there's no need [...]

3 Things A Casino Night Fundraiser Will Do For You

By | 2019-09-27T09:28:01+00:00 April 3rd, 2017|Casino Floor, Event Planning, Fundraising, Tips & Advice|

If you're hosting a casino-themed fundraiser for your school, organization, or non-profit, you're making the right call! Casino night fundraisers and charity poker tournaments are a great way to raise money while entertaining your guests with exciting Vegas action! And if you haven't been sold on the idea just yet, you've come to the right [...]