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Roaring ’20s Parties

In America, “casino” is practically synonymous with the word “Vegas.”

From the rattle of the dice to the call of the craps dealer, from showgirl costumes to jaw-dropping live entertainment, a Vegas-style atmosphere is what most people have come to expect from a casino.

You want your event—whether it’s a fundraiser or just for fun—to be a success. Why shouldn’t you deliver the same glitz and glamour of Sin City at your own party?

Give your guests what they’re looking for

Vegas style show girls standing around craps table with Card Dealer & winner

When it comes to casino night parties, there’s no event like an Aces Wild event.

Our complimentary event planning professionals have the experience, resources, and connections to make your Las Vegas dreams a reality. From the first steps of planning to the final launch, our pro partiers can guide you to the right venues, caterers, entertainers, and more to create a dazzling event your guests will love. (No airline tickets needed!)

Need gaming tables with professional dealers? That’s our bread-and-butter. All of our Aces Wild dealers are our employees, selected and professionally trained in all of the most popular games: from craps and blackjack to all styles of poker.

What about an authentic, Vegas-style showgirl for the ultimate photo op? We’ll use our extensive network of entertainers to find an act that’s sure to impress and guaranteed to entertain. Some of our clients’ past parties have included fire breathers, magicians, stand-up comedians, live cigar rollers, stilt walkers, and more! We can even help you out with an emcee to host the event or DJs and live music to keep the party going all night.

The difference is in the details

roulette wheel arch entryway

If you’ve ever visited Vegas, you know that gaming tables and slot machines are not what make the casinos so impressive.

Stepping into a hotel on the Strip is like stepping into another world. The architecture, the lighting, incredible water features, roller coasters, and storefronts…it all comes together to create an atmosphere you just don’t get anywhere else.

Your casino event won’t scream “Vegas” with a vinyl banner from the party store.

Our assistance with production and design can transform even the drabbest venue into an authentic-looking casino. Set the tone of the event right from the start with a giant roulette wheel archway. Create a buzz-worthy backdrop for perfect #selfies with eight-foot-tall dice. Add modern seating for a chic vibe.

Combine these elements with the roulette wheels and buffet table and you’ve got yourself the ultimate Vegas casino party.

What happens at your event won’t stay at your event

people celebrating at blackjack table

In Vegas, nothing is done halfway; you go big or go home. With an Aces Wild casino night, you can bet your event will be the talk of the town.

And it all comes together with all those extras that other casino rental companies don’t focus on.

  • Professional, Vegas-quality casino tables and dealers – Feel like you’re right on the Strip!
  • Live entertainment – Showgirls, fire breathers, contortionists, stilt walkers, comedians, live cigar rollers, emcees…the sky’s the limit!
  • High-quality design elements – No party store banners here. Just incredible, larger-than-life decor that makes jaws drop.
  • Photography packages – Remember your event forever with one of our photography, video, or drone packages.
  • 24/7 Event Concierge – An experienced Aces Wild event planner at every step of the way to help with logistics, planning, and execution of your awesome ideas.

With Aces Wild Entertainment, what happens at your event doesn’t have to stay there. Your party, corporate event, wedding, or fundraiser will up the ante on any other casino party.

Interested? We can’t wait to start planning your big bash!

Call us at 407-346-7688 or fill out our contact form to get started.

Are you considering hosting a “Roaring 20s” party for your corporate event, birthday party, or fundraiser? The Twenties have a unique—and classic—aesthetic appeal: jazz music, fringe, flappers, shell dresses, zoot suits, cigars, champagne….

A Roaring 20s Party can be the party of the year if executed properly and we are here to guide you through the entire experience. 

When most people think of a Roaring 20s party, they think “The Great Gatsby.” But whether you’re a fan of the book or the 2013 Leonardo DiCaprio movie, it’s hard to say no to a party with such glitz and glamour!

retro 1920's car

The psychology of theme parties is simple: Theme Party > Non-Theme Party

Why? Because a theme party offers an opportunity to dress up, immerse yourself in something completely new, and experience a time period (or destination) that is completely different from the day-to-day. 

At Aces Wild, we don’t just do amazing casino parties. We specialize in truly immersive experiences that will have your guests talking for years to come!

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Secure Your Roaring 20s Party Now!

How to Throw the Ultimate Roaring 20’s Party

When it comes to themed parties, it’s all about the details, baby!

And to truly sell the concept of a trip back through time, you have to make sure that no stone is left unturned. Here’s a few tips on throwing party that Gatsby himself would be envious of!


Without the right dress code, is it really a Roaring 20’s party?

The 1920’s marked an obvious distinction in style, as clothes (and cultural norms) began to get looser. Oversized “zoot suits” were popular for men, as were stylish accessories like fedoras and pocket watches. For women, however, everything changed!

The Twenties are back! Here's how to throw the ultimate Roaring Twenties party!

Hemlines rose, while corsets were replaced with looser, dropped waistlines. Formal wear included dazzling beadwork, sequins, and—of course—fringe. These outfits gave women a lot more freedom of movement, which probably led to the popularity of The Charleston!

Tell all your guests to arrive in their most authentic 1920’s attire: flapper dresses, fedoras, headbands, zoot suits, and long pearl necklaces. One hundred years might have gone by, but these styles are still very much in vogue today.


The Roaring 20s were a bit about excess, a reaction to the staunch laws the American government attempted to put on citizens. As a result, alcohol and gambling became even more popular among fun-seekers, because it was not only entertaining, but “against the law,” making it exciting.

Gambling halls, some owned by famous gangsters like Al Capone, were all the rage, so our casino gaming tables will fit right in! Just like today, popular games included poker, craps, and roulette, which involve the most individuals and can really create a party atmosphere. Craps tables create energy and enthusiasm because the players can interact throughout, support one another, and play together against the house. The same is true in roulette.

Whether the game contains exciting dice rolls, or a ball spinning around to find its home in a numbered slot, these casino games can take a Roaring 20s party to new levels, matching the experience many Americans had in the early 20th century in cities all across this great country. 


Jazz was all the rage in the early 1920s, but that decade also kicked open the door for modern music, so your playlist is more wide open than you would think.

Recorded music was making an impact, which meant people all across the country could enjoy the same music, without having to pay live musicians. While jazz is the most well-known genre from the time, don’t forget to include big band, blues, and even Broadway tunes on your party playlist. Having a variety of music styles helps your party to be diverse, entertaining, and engaging.

While the casino games make for fantastic entertainment and maintain a flow of movement for your guests, the music can make the moment, providing an ambiance that transports your guests 100 years in the past. As you are putting your playlist together (or if you want us to, we’ve got your back!) consider Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Paul Whiteman, Ben Bernie, Fletcher Henderson, Lonnie Johnson, Sophie Tucker, and Helen Morgan.


Everything from your invitations to the walls and floor of your venue space can (and should) be themed. Remember, back in the ’20s, Prohibition was law in The United States, which made partying with alcohol both secretive and taboo…that is, WAY more fun! Lean in on the “secrecy” vibe by including a password on the invitation that guests will need to get inside.

And once they get in, make sure the décor creates a jaw dropping moment.

At Aces Wild, our design team can create the props and décor that will put the ultimate finishing touches on your Roaring Twenties party. In addition to the energizing casino games, we can create custom signage to celebrate your corporation or cause in style.

Having trouble deciding? Our complimentary Event Consultants know everything there is to know about hosting Gatsby-level parties.

Ring in 2020 The Right Way

All in all, hosting a Roaring 20s Casino Party will probably make you the talk of your town for years to come, so prepare yourself for the high society life after your guests experience a casino party like no other they’ve ever been to!

But hosting the ultimate Great Gatsby party isn’t something you can do on your own in a weekend. Coordinating all of the details involves a level of planning, experience, and resourcefulness that the average person doesn’t have. And that’s where Aces Wild can help.

From our professional event planners to our dealers, everyone you meet at Aces Wild is professionally trained in the art of making party magic. We’ll make sure that everything—from the entertainment to the atmosphere—fits your chosen theme perfectly and creates an immersive experience for your guests.

At Aces Wild, we’re more than a “casino party company.” Call today to schedule a consultation so we can get started planning your Roaring 20s party!