3 Things A Casino Night Fundraiser Will Do For You

3 Things A Casino Night Fundraiser Will Do For You

If you’re hosting a casino-themed fundraiser for your school, organization, or non-profit, you’re making the right call! Casino night fundraisers and charity poker tournaments are a great way to raise money while entertaining your guests with exciting Vegas action!

And if you haven’t been sold on the idea just yet, you’ve come to the right place, too.

At Aces Wild, we just can’t get enough of the thrill a casino night can bring to guests, hosts, and even our staff. In all our years of operation, we’ve discovered that casino night fundraisers can do 3 things for your organization that no other fundraiser can do.

guests at blackjack table

1. Increase Attendance

It’s no secret people love the excitement of the casino floor.

Even people who don’t normally gamble can’t stay away from a casino night fundraiser. It’s a chance to mingle with friends and fellow donors, play some new games, and enjoy exciting entertainment…all while helping out a great cause.

Because casino nights are much more enticing than your typical silent auction or bake sale, they increase attendance to your fundraiser, meaning more money for your cause.

Card dealers standing on red carpet by roulette wheel entry to casino themed party

2. Increase Donations

If there’s one thing that everyone knows about casinos, it’s that the house always wins. But when “the house” is a charity, amazing non-profit, or organization that your donors benefit from, they’re all too happy to donate money…especially when they can have fun doing it.

All of the entertainment of a casino night creates a festive atmosphere that beats any other type of fundraiser you could host. This leads to your guests staying longer (and therefore donating more).

It’s a win-win for everybody.

group celebrating with drinks next to blackjack table at Vegas style casino party

3. Increase Face-to-Face Time

Galas, talent shows, and other fundraisers that require a timeline or program don’t leave a lot of time for socializing. But casino nights practically run themselves, allowing you and your staff to move through the crowd, shake hands, and show your appreciation.

People love to be recognized and having the head of the organization thank them for their presence reminds them that their “lost” money is actually going toward a great cause. We promise, no one will ever be so happy to lose money at the blackjack table! (Not to mention, it gives you a chance to enjoy the party!)


If you are planning a casino night fundraiser or a charity poker tournament, we understand that your primary goal is to raise money. This is where Aces Wild Casino Parties excels.

We have proven ideas to help you achieve these goals. Our parties will increase attendance, donations, and face-to-face time, making more money for your organization. And we can prove it!

Our event specialists will be happy to assist you in the planning stages of your fundraiser. We can meet with your organization or committee and make a complete presentation on how to make MORE money at your casino night fundraising event.

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