What to Do in Vegas (Besides Gamble)

What to Do in Vegas (Besides Gamble)

There are plenty of things to do in a casino besides gamble!

Newsflash: you don't have to love gambling to enjoy Las Vegas!

Spending a weekend in Vegas can be an incredible experience. Of course, “gambling” immediately springs to a lot of people’s minds when they think of Vegas. The two are inseparable…for good reason! You can’t make it out of McCarran International Airport without passing by a row of slot machines. The entire tourism industry revolves around gambling!

But more and more each year, people are planning trips to Vegas where they don’t spend a dime gambling at casinos. 


That’s right. Wondering what to do in Vegas besides gamble? That’s exactly what we want to cover today!

What To Do in Vegas Besides Gamble

A first-time casino experience can be an unforgettable event. There’s the lights of the slot machines vying for your attention. The sounds of people cheering, people laughing, and yes… sometimes moaning after a loss. But most of all, there’s an energy that you find in a casino that is unlike the energy found anywhere else. 

Because in a casino, truly anything can happen. It’s that feeling of possibility that gets people excited to throw their chips down on the table, no matter the odds. And that siren’s call of hope and possibility is infectious, even to those who are just passing through.

Yet we understand that gambling isn’t for everyone. But what are people doing in a casino if they aren’t there to gamble? If you’ve assumed your entire life that casinos only included slot machines, blackjack tables, and poker rooms… well. You know the old saying about assumptions. 

The list of things to do at a casino besides gambling is long. There’s the obvious drinking, of course. Many casinos have large bars that serve some incredible drinks! Not to mention the lounge singers and music acts scattered throughout the casino floor. 

And on busy nights there are multiple bands playing every few feet. Don’t like the way this guy sings? Take 20 steps until you see the next band. Can’t stand country? Go around the corner and there’s bound to be someone playing your favorite style of music. 

Prefer the great outdoors? The number of outdoor things to do in Las Vegas is staggering, from lying by the pool to hanging out at rooftop bars overlooking the strip to driving out to the mountains and spending some time in the incredible desert landscape.

No, this isn't in Europe. This is VEGAS.

The Venetian Hotel

And even if hanging out in the 120 degree (dry) heat sounds unappealing, you have those wonderfully air-conditioned hotels just waiting for you. The resorts in Las Vegas aren’t your average Hard Rock Hotel. Each one is brilliantly themed and beautifully decorated. Spend a day (or more) transporting yourself from the glamour of the Paris hotel to the luxury of Caesar’s Palace. Go on a shopping spree or hop on one of the many rides sprinkled throughout the city.

And don’t forget to take in a show while you’re there. The live shows in Vegas are some of the most jaw-dropping in the world. From comedy acts to Cirque du Soleil, there truly is something here for everyone’s taste.

How about the food? THE FOOD! The food at casinos can be mind-blowing. From 5-star dining experiences with celebrity chefs, to small burrito stands tucked away in a corner. Food in Las Vegas used to be dominated by cheap buffets. Now, it’s one of the best food cities in the world. Even those buffets are experiences (and they are far from cheap!).

Are There Free Casino Games?

With the internet and the widespread use of smartphones, you, too, can play and enjoy various casino games, all for free! 

Did you know that many of the casinos in Las Vegas have apps that you can download for free? These apps let you play blackjack and famous slot machines all from the comfort of your couch. You can hone your skills before a trip to the nearest casino, or even learn how to play these games so that you won’t be intimidated the first time you step into a casino. 

And even though these are free casino games, you can win real stuff with them! The more you play, the more credits you accumulate (even if you lose). You can then use these credits to pay for all of the other things to do in a casino besides gamble! 

Some of these programs even offer a free stay at some of the most popular hotels on the Vegas strip. And it’s not just the Vegas casinos that are doing this. Search for a “casino near me” and you will likely find similar ways to save at your local casino. 

No Gambling? No Problem!

Even if you don’t like to gamble, you can still go to Vegas and have a blast!

The real spirit of Sin City isn’t all “vice and dice,” it’s having the freedom to do whatever you like to do. And whatever it is that floats your boat, Vegas has it…in spades!

If there’s one thing we’re experts on at Aces Wild, it’s Vegas! After all, we specialize in bringing the lights and spectacle of Vegas to your Central-Florida event. We’ve already gone over what to do at a casino if you don’t like to gamble. But can non-gamblers still have fun even at a casino party?

Of course you can!

As we mentioned earlier, there’s a certain energy to a casino. That sense that the world is your oyster. While you might not plan on gambling, others definitely will. And their energy is infectious. Bring your friends and open yourself up to the possibilities! And remember, just like Vegas, our casino parties offer way more than just gaming tables!

Above all, have some fun! Because that’s what a good casino party is all about. Gambling is such a small element of what to do at a casino, and you never know: there might be a favorite memory waiting for you far away from the poker tables.

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