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Yes it is – since your guests aren’t playing for real money during the casino games, it’s completely legal!

No, there’s no real money used at each casino table. Your guests turn in vouchers for real casino chips, and get fake money to bring from table to table. How they get the vouchers is up to you – you can pass out free vouchers, make vouchers available for a donation to your charity, or a combination of both!

There are so many ways your casino night will raise an outstanding amount of money for your charity. Your guests can make donations for new vouchers so they can get additional chips. You can sell tickets to your casino night event. We can work with you to incorporate re-buys and activate other special offers as well. You can solicit sponsors for each casino table, offer a silent auction, incorporate donation buckets at each table, and so much more. Our experts at Aces Wild Entertainment will help you make this the most successful fundraiser ever!

That’s up to you! Since winning is part of the fun, your guests exchange their casino chips at the end of the night for raffle tickets, and you can hold drawings throughout the night for a variety of prizes, provided by you or sponsors.

You don’t have to – your guests will have a great time at your casino night whether or not they walk away with a prize. Aces Wild Entertainment can’t provide the prizes, but we’ll provide a free consultation to help you find exactly what you need.

In the case that your guests run out of casino chips, we make it easy for them to get more! Depending on your type of event, this might mean a visit to the check-in table for another voucher or a charitable contribution to the charity.

We can provide a full range of casino rental and other entertainment services that will match your needs. At the very least, this includes a variety of professional casino tables and dealers, a full setup and breakdown of all equipment, and consultation to maximize the quality of your event. In addition, though, we can provide entertainers, bartenders, and more – Aces Wild Entertainment is a full-service company!

We have a large directory of entertainers available to us, and can offer you a menu of options. They include comedians, fire breathers, dancers, DJs, burlesque troupes, magicians, jugglers, body painting, professional emcees, and more.

We provide casino parties throughout Central Florida and beyond. Even if you’re not within our reach, we have a network of partners throughout the entire country.

The cost varies depending on the type of event, the number of guests, the number of tables, and the other services you’ll need. The best way to give you an accurate quote would be to call Aces Wild Entertainment at 407-346-7688 or contact us online. Prices range from $300-$500 per table, with extra services available from an ala carte menu.

It’s simple! Call us today at 407-346-7688 or fill out our online form and we’ll be able to answer your questions, book your event, and get you started!

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