5 Common Poker Tells

5 Common Poker Tells

At some point, everyone has wanted to take a peek at the other players cards before placing your Texas Hold’Em bet. Having this ability would help you to save your money when you have a bad hand and win you the pot when you have a good hand.

Of course, you can’t see what cards your opponents have. But you do have access to other important information: their body expressions.

In my experience as a casino dealer (and player), I’ve noticed that there are a few common poker tells that will help you win every dollar on the table.

10, jack, queen, king, and ace of hearts

Poker Tells

A player’s poker tells vary from person to person and minute to minute. You have to look at what your opponents are doing AT ALL TIMES.

Pay attention to their every move and look for the following signs which will help you win every game. Read the following 5 tips very carefully and look for these actions during your next poker game.

1. How they stack chips

The way the a player arranges his chips is one of the main signs you have to look for. This is a tell that can help you identify and classify your opponents before the game begins.

The secret is in whether or not the player keeps their pile of chips neat or messy.

If the player keeps their pile neat, 9 times out of 10, that is a tight player. They don’t bluff often and usually call with strong hands. If they have a messy pile of chips, they’re probably a loose player and you can be sure that they will be bluffing and playing rambunctiously.

2. How they throw chips

It sounds like a small thing, but the way a player places the chips from his stack to the pot is a sure tell.

If the player throws his chips in nervously, they spill over, and he cleans them up, he is bluffing. The fact that he cleans them up means he is trying to cover it up. He wants to make sure you won’t call so that he can win the pot.

In this case, you should definitely call because you are competing against a weak hand.

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3. How they buy chips

Another tell that is amazingly obvious, but not understood by many, is the way someone will pay when they buy chips.

If a person yells to the dealer that he wants chips, openly waving his money and being very showy, he is a loose and aggressive player.
If the player is quiet and asks for chips politely, you have a conservative tight player.

4. What sounds they make

This one you have to listen to carefully because it is not easy to spot.

When a player makes a sad sound like a sigh or a tsk sound, they are obviously bluffing. Make sure not to bet because, most likely, they have a strong hand. When a player sees the flop and makes that sad “tsk” sound, it means they completed a good hand, they are trying to cover up their happiness.

This is reverse psychology in action and you shouldn’t fall for it.

5. How they react to the flop

This is the most important tip: DON’T LOOK AT THE FLOP WHEN IT COMES!

What you want to do is look at the other players’ reactions to the flop. If a player looks away from the flop, they have a good hand. Looking away is a way of making them seem uninterested. The players who stare at the flop have a weak hand.


These top secret poker tells will help you win money in any casino, not just your next poker night with the guys. In fact, you can probably take these 5 tips and win against advanced players right now.

Picking up on each person’s specific tells takes a lot of time. When you’re playing against strangers, that’s time you don’t have. Knowing these common poker tells will put you at a distinct advantage the next time you sit down at the poker table. In addition to being able to spot these tells in other people, you’ll also be able to control your reactions so that you don’t give anything away.

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