How To Feel Recharged and Energized After an Event

How To Feel Recharged and Energized After an Event

At Aces Wild, we specialize in helping our clients create memorable and entertaining events. But today, we’ll shift our focus to strategies that can be used during events to prevent exhaustion and after events to ensure adequate rest before moving on to the next engagement.

Whether you’re in charge of running fundraising events for a non-profit or simply want to take some stress out of your event planning, this is for you!

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During Events

  1. Book your accommodation on a different floor or in a different wing from the delegates and crew to give yourself the space to unwind during downtime. Having your own, separate place to take a breather is crucial for getting your head clear for a few minutes without distraction.
  2. Ensure that the event budget includes healthy menus for the entire crew (including you). A nutritious source of calories will provide you the energy you need to keep going strong!
  3. Ladies, bring a pair of flat shoes to slip into during set-up, take-down, and when you are out of the public eye. Give your feet a break!
  4. If participants are going off-site for lunch, place your own lunch order with room service in advance. Return to your room to enjoy your meal. If possible, take time for a short nap and, possibly, a refreshing shower.
  5. Replace caffeine with plenty of water and fresh juices.
  6. Schedule breaks for your crew and ensure that you take them, too! (Green rooms or lounges for event crews at hotels and event venues can be very helpful, even if they are small.)

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After Events

  1. If the drive home is more than 1 ½ hours, arrange for transportation to and from the event. Alternatively, arrange to stay at the hotel on the last night of the event. Get a fresh start after a good night’s sleep and some breakfast. (Accidents are more likely to happen if you are fatigued.)
  2. Try to build in post-event downtime by spacing out your engagements. Give yourself a breather.
  3. At foreign destinations, extend your stay for a few days to unwind, if possible.
  4. After long and hectic special events, business meetings, or conferences, book a massage, facial, or day at the spa if you have the budget for it. Foot reflexology can also be very energizing. (If the budget for a spa day is not there, a bubble bath, foot massage, and home facial can work wonders.)

We hope that these strategies and those can play a small role in helping to remove event planning from the lists of most stressful careers that surface from time to time.

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