10 Dazzling Office Christmas Party Ideas

10 Dazzling Office Christmas Party Ideas

We’ve still less than 4 more months in the year, but believe it or not, it’s not too early to plan the perfect office holiday party.

The calendar pages tend to fly off the wall this time of year, so taking the time to plan now will make sure that your party is less “weak” and more “woohoo!” After all, don’t your employees deserve a blowout, end-of-the-year bash to thank them for all their hard work?

These 10 office Christmas party ideas are sure to impress your employees and create an event that no one will forget.

1. Invite the Whole Family

Santa high fiving small child

Extend your end-of-year thanks to your employee’s families (kids, too!) by including the entire family in on the celebration.

Babysitters can be tough to find (especially during the holidays when weekends fill up quick). Being able to bring the kids along for some fun and festivities relieves that worry and gives the whole family a chance to relax and have holiday fun together.

Plus, your employees will get a chance to meet the kids behind the cute desktop pictures and funny stories.

2. Hire a Babysitter

If your office Christmas party theme isn’t something kids would enjoy (see tip below), consider hiring a babysitter to look after the younger kids. This takes care of the babysitting conundrum while also allowing your employees to enjoy some “kid-free” time.

A good babysitting service such as Kid’s Nite Out will make sure the kids have just as much fun as the parents.

3. Host a Casino Night

Hands holding stack of red poker chips

Even people who don’t like to gamble love a casino night Christmas party!

While casino night fundraisers raise real money for a really great cause, a holiday casino party lets your employees gamble risk-free. The company (that’s you) hires the tables, dealers, and supplies. Your employees get a set amount of chips to “gamble” with. Fun ensues.

This is a great excuse for everyone to get dressed up and learn a few new games without having to shell out any cash.

4. Rent a Photo Booth

A photo booth is not only a fun activity to do during the event, it also makes for a cute souvenir.

Companies like Photobooth Rocks! rent out photo booths with props and attendant included, plus unlimited prints for all guests. These “selfie stations” are fun for all ages and will keep your employees buzzing until Valentine’s Day.

5. Hire Live Entertainment

dj with equipment

Whether it’s a DJ, magician, cigar rollers, or a comedian, live entertainment will bring your event to a whole new level.

People might forget a holiday cookie exchange, but nobody will forget a Havana-themed party complete with cigar rollers.

6. Don’t Forget the Food

No holiday party is complete without food! Even if you stick to finger foods passed around the blackjack table, offer a selection of festive foods appropriate to the theme, time, and vibe of the event.

You can really go big with a catered sit-down dinner or offer a buffet of hot dishes for people to peck at through the evening. And if you’re looking to blow your employees away, consider hiring a few food trucks as your caterer. (No one can resist a food truck.)

7. Drinks On the House

ladies in sunglasses with drink trays standing behind blackjack table at a charity event

Want to really show your employees how much you appreciate them? Two words: free drinks.

All-night open bars are awesome, but you can also mitigate the cost by allowing two free drinks per person (make sure it’s clear to everyone how much the drinks are after that).

This not only keeps your costs down, it also encourages people to drink responsibly.

8. Host It During the Day

Christmas parties and family obligations can fill up people’s calendars pretty quick during the month of December. Shake things up a little by having your holiday party during a work day (paid, of course).

Daytime childcare is already managed (for those employees with children) and everyone gets the giddy feeling of “playing hooky” (with their boss’ permission).

9. Include Other Cultures

menorah with all candles lit

Most lists of office holiday party ideas tend to be pretty Christmas-heavy, but most office populations are much more diverse.

Whether you have employees that celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Festivus (for the rest of us!), give a nod to other cultures so that everyone feels included.

Quick note: If you don’t share the cultural background, ask for permission and advice first. Offending your employees goes against the holiday spirit.

10. Give Recognition

Your employees have done an awesome job for you throughout the year, so throw a little recognition their way.

Give out awards for “Hardest Worker,” “Most Positive Employee,” or even “Best Potluck Chef” gives everyone a little boost of self-esteem and lets them know they’re seen and appreciated.


These 10 office Christmas party ideas will help you throw a party that no one will ever forget.

From entertainment, to food, to atmosphere, this year’s holiday party will give your employees a boost of morale that’ll keep them at their A-game well into next year.

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We can’t wait to hear from you.

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