8 Graduation Party Ideas & Themes

8 Graduation Party Ideas & Themes

Congrats, Class of 2019 (and parents)!

You’ve made it through the last 13 years of homework, papers, and tests and now you’re ready to embark on the next stage of life. Whether you’ll be going to college or not, graduating from high school is an achievement worth celebrating!

A graduation party is the perfect occasion to get together with all the friends and family who have loved, helped, and supported you over the years but it’s also the perfect opportunity for one final rager before you officially grow up.

Here are eight graduation party ideas and themes that’ll help you celebrate getting that diploma!

Graduation Party Ideas

Sure, anybody can put out a deli platter and play some music. But graduating is a big deal, which is why we have a few graduation party ideas to bring your shindig to a whole ‘nother level.

1. Show how far you’ve come.

You’ve made a lot of progress since your first day of school. But all your guests (okay, mostly just your mom) would love to look back on those years when you were small and still wanted to be a mermaid doctor when you grew up.

female graduate in cap and gown sitting on steps

Don’t forget to include plenty of photos of the graduate throughout the years: framed photos on the food table, yearbooks on the end tables, baby pictures on the fridge.

And you should probably have plenty of tissues lying around, too. For your mom.

2. Memorialize the occasion.

When you’re married with three kids and a desk job, you’ll look back fondly on your high school days. What better way to remember the family and friends who supported you than with plenty of photos to mark the occasion?

A rented photo booth complete with graduation-themed props is the perfect way to collect graduation party memories while also having a blast with your guests. Many modern photo booths are even equipped with video messaging so your friends and family can send you off to college with their heartfelt best wishes.

3. Be true to your school.

Whether you want to celebrate where you’re going or how far you’ve come, decorate with colors that represent your school (either high school or college). Streamers, tablecloths, tassel banners, and paper goods come in all different colors nowadays (even metallics!) so you can have one final pep rally before graduating.

two girls throwing confetti in room with metallic streamers

Black and gold is the traditional graduation color scheme and it just so happens to be the colors for UCF, so if you’re going to be a Knight, even better!

Graduation Party Themes

Themes make any party instantly cooler.

Use any of these graduation party themes as inspiration to send your new grad off on the next stage of their life.

4. Now & Then

The Class of 2019 was born in 2001, so why not throw a “Millennium” party to celebrate how far everyone has come? (Plus, all the real-life Millennials will love it.)

Feature all those cute baby pics, sure, but don’t forget to spin those classic ’90s/2000’s tunes! Mega bonus points if you can get the guests to show up in costume.

5. “Oh the Places You’ll Go”

Dr. Seuss’ book is a graduation day staple, but you can take it to a whole new level by making it your graduation party theme.

hand holding small globe against desert sky

If your “grownup” grad isn’t feeling the cutesy “children’s book” theme, go in a different direction: world travel! Feature exotic dishes from around the world and get some giant cardboard cut-outs of some of the world’s famous monuments. This is the perfect graduation party theme for the student taking a gap year to backpack through Europe.

6. Luau

Maybe you can’t afford to take your grad to Hawaii, but you can bring Hawaii to them.

Leis, fish tacos, pineapple, and grass skirts are easy to come by, but what will really impress your guests is some live entertainment. Hula dancers or fire breathers will help create a graduation party nobody will ever forget.

7. Vegas, Baby!

At 18, your high school graduate is still too young to gamble. But if they’re obsessed with Casino Royale, Monte Carlo, Vegas, or all things “casino,” there is a legal option: casino rentals.

Card dealers standing on red carpet by roulette wheel entry to casino themed party

At Aces Wild, we provide the gaming tables, the dealers, and the “fun money” for your guests to play with. Since there’s no actual gambling, everything is 100% legal and 100% fun. With a casino graduation party, no one has to worry about losing their shirt and when people say “the house always wins” they’ll be talking about yours.

8. Their Major

Healthcare? Accounting? Art? Take some theme inspiration from your grad’s chosen area of study.

Your future Literature major might pick a party celebrating their favorite writers. Your Engineering major might want to design some serving platters out of LEGO bricks. A Music major might want to host a concert where they can perform like a real rock star.

Nothing else will make your grad feel like the night is truly all about them.


The Class of 2019 has worked hard to get to this point; throw your grad a party they’ll never forget.

Remembering the past (look at those cute baby pictures!), looking to the future, and taking the time to have a blast will celebrate your new young adult and help them transition to their new stage of life.

At Aces Wild, our event consultants are Orlando’s party planning experts. Whether you want to do it up Vegas-style or have something a little more tame in mind, we can help you throw the ultimate graduation party. Contact us today to see what ideas we can come up with together!

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