“Spring” Into Action (4 Spring Fundraising Ideas)

“Spring” Into Action (4 Spring Fundraising Ideas)

Spring is just around the corner, which means many of you are looking for some fun spring fundraiser ideas to raise money for your nonprofit or just a favorite cause.

There is never a shortage of worthy causes—and most people are excited to help out—but thinking outside the box is essential when encouraging lots of people to participate and donate. To help your cause “spring” ahead, try one of these fun spring fundraising ideas for your next event.

lemonade stand

Have a “Lemon-Aid” Stand

One of the easiest, but still effective, fundraising ideas for spring is organizing one or more lemonade stands throughout your community.

The warmer weather means that people are starting to spend more time outdoors. And let’s be honest: springtime is just “pre-summer” in Florida. Have the kids join in and help out to keep the excitement growing. Pick a cause that is near and dear to your community or make it all about Blood: Water, which helps provide clean, fresh water to Africans who don’t have access to it otherwise.

Local press and corporations will be more than happy to donate attention, time, or resources to the spring fundraiser’s effort, and the more the merrier.

adult education class

Teach What You Know

Between you, your friends, coworkers, family members, and members of your community, there is a wealth of information and skills that’s probably going unutilized.

Organize a day of teaching for those less fortunate and have people donate their time as instructors. Some much-needed skills are resume writing, how to interview, cooking, clipping and using coupons, or growing a vegetable garden.

Whether it’s a single mom in need of a job or an elderly woman looking to save money, everyone can use a new skill or two.

softball equipment on home base

Game Day

Spring is the season of outdoor sports. Soccer, softball, lacrosse…every family is out and about after work and on weekends, taking part in team sports.

Instead of just being about exercise, make game day about raising money for a cause like cancer research, school supplies for under-resourced schools, or a local animal shelter. Ask local companies to match donations and be a part of the day!

Mobile BlackJack card table at charity golf tournament with black couch and golf clubs

Outdoor Casino “Day”

“Casino night” has always been a popular fundraising theme, but it seems like a shame to waste all that lovely spring weather.

Instead, throw a casual casino “day” where your attendees can roam the grounds at a beautiful golf course or country club and play some open-air blackjack and roulette. Since this is a daytime event, consider hiring some magicians and fire-breathers to entertain the kids. (Of course, bounce houses are always popular and affordable!)


Take advantage of rising spirits and temperatures with any of these spring fundraising ideas, and throw a party with a purpose to help people in need.

With these unique ideas, you’ll not only be well on your way to your annual goal, you’ll gain a larger fan base for your social network accounts and email feeds.

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